iRebel was officially born in 2008, when the Austrians did the video shoot for the earworm song “New Life“. Previously, a single titled “I’ll remember“ had been produced, but the band’s name had not been fixed at that time. Anyway, both singles can be downloaded on most of the common music platforms today. In August 2014, iRebel came out with their 4-track EP “Drifting Away”.

After the announcement, the band started working on new songs right away to prepare for their live come back. In 2016, iRebel released the epic single “In the Mirror” and re-entered the stage.

From that time on, the band worked on new songs and further developed their sound.

In 2022 iRebel came up with their single “A 1000 Times” and published the corresponding video on YouTube.

All of their tracks can be found on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, and many more online music stores and streaming portals.

Get your ears ready for some rock!

Latest release

A 1000 Times


A 1000 Times

Single – 2022

In The Mirror

Single – 2016

iRebel - Drifting Away

Drifting Away

EP – 2014

iRebel - Drifting Away

New Life

Single – 2007

iRebel - Drifting Away

I'll Remember

Single – 2007

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